Saturday, March 12, 2011

Turns out Charlie Sheen is winning afterall

Just stumpled upon news, that Charlie Sheen could make up to 100 millions from reruns of Two and a Half Men, depending how good his initial contract was. If Warner Bros. is able to harvest around $4 million an episode for Two and a Half Men in domestic syndication alone, media analysts estimate that Sheen, as the show's leading man, stands to gain approximately half a million per episode. Depending on how his contract was structured, Sheen could expect a revenue stream of around $88.5 million annually from reruns.  Thats crazy! You manage to star one hit show and ur set for life.

Lets take another example: the hit comedy Seinfeld finished its run 12 years ago and has made nearly $3 billion through syndication since. While exact figures have not been released, Forbes estimates that the lead actor Jerry Seinfeld brings in between $65 million to $80 million annually from reruns. Holy fucking shit! You get paid doing nothing but smoking cigars, well in Charlies case cocaine, but how sweet is that? You all can add up, how much Jerry has got paid in all these years. Yeah, it makes you hate your current job, doesn't it?

 Fuck this shit, i'm becoming an actor.  

 I found this great video, where Charlie Sheen is winning, thanks to HippyorNot!

I stole these pictures from Bartisawesome. Keep being awesome dude!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Charlie Sheen fired via textmessage.

Oh noes. I was just informed that Charlie got tanked. That pretty much sucks, because Two and a Half Men was one of my favorite shows. Makes me wonder is there any hope or future for the show, after all it was one of the CBSs most profitable shows on air. Up to 5 billion according to Charlie "I put 5 billion in their cheap suit pockets and another half a bil’ in what’s-his-cheese’s pockets and this is the… respect I get?".

Oh well, atleast he has pornstar girlfriend, former nanny and suitcase of cocaine comforting him in his malibu house.

Heres link to the news:
and as for bonus, heres link to his girlfriends latest photoshoot, if anyone is interested:

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I didin't remember to add the video I intented to my first post so here it is.

Hello everyone!

First of all i'm new to this blogging thing and i'm eager to see what comes out of this. Second, i'm not a native speaker of English so bear with me.

I'm guessing that the first post is for telling you what my blog is about and what i'm going to be writing in it. So, the basic idea is to write about my everyday life as an Everyday Normal Guy. Sounds pretty dull, huh? 
Thats it, i guess. First post in, yay.

I'm just a regular everyday normal guy, nothing special about me motherfucker. I'm just a regular everyday normal guy, when i go to the clubs i wait in lines motherfucker. - Jon Lajoie.