Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hello everyone!

First of all i'm new to this blogging thing and i'm eager to see what comes out of this. Second, i'm not a native speaker of English so bear with me.

I'm guessing that the first post is for telling you what my blog is about and what i'm going to be writing in it. So, the basic idea is to write about my everyday life as an Everyday Normal Guy. Sounds pretty dull, huh? 
Thats it, i guess. First post in, yay.

I'm just a regular everyday normal guy, nothing special about me motherfucker. I'm just a regular everyday normal guy, when i go to the clubs i wait in lines motherfucker. - Jon Lajoie.


  1. Now we know something about you, but is there something else this blog is about or just normal stuff about you? :)

  2. I'm thinking about writing basically what i do in my life, like movie or game reviews etc. Honestly i don't know yet excatly what i'm going to do with my blog.

  3. Heey, movie reviewing sounds interesting!

  4. Nice to see you here too! Sweet welcomes man.

  5. hey man it looks good so far :D keep it up!